Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 2 – Saturday

Since Alexi has only just started driving, her “mom” is reaping the benefits of having someone to do errands for her. So one of the first things I did when I got to the US was find a part for a pool vacuum. I didn't really mind at all though, I was just excited to be outside and not on a plane. I had a conversation with the store clerk about Koalas and I told him how they very rarely drink water. Then convinced myself that I had lied to him accidentally so had to check it on google as soon as I came home. (I hadn't. Koala's don't need much water at all. They get enough from the moisture in Eucalyptus leaves.) After that we got snow cone type things from a store called “water and ice”. So cheap. (AMERICAN PRICES. UGH WHY IS IT SO CHEAP HERE?)

I had received a phone call from my nephew, Rohan while I was still in Australia asking if I might be able to get him a lego set that he wanted because it was cheaper to get in the US. Of course, being the wonderful, devoted Auntie that I am, I said that I would. So with that request in mind we headed off to Walmart. Walmart, for those of you back home who haven't ever been, is like a Big W
and a Woolworths combined. Flipping huge. Alexi has been away from home for a few weeks, and apparently in that time they had completely changed around the entire store which left both of us hopelessly lost. That just makes it fun! After wondering around for a while, with me gazing at all the marvellous American things (and prices!) we found the Avengers lego that Rohan wanted. In all our wisdom and maturity, Alexi and I of course had a go ourselves of some of the toys.

We bought some frozen Pizza ($1 for each Pizza to feed one person. AMERICAN PRICES, GUYS). And then left for home. To be honest with you I can't completely remember what we did after that. I think maybe watched some “Avatar, the last Airbender”, which by the way is a fantastic show. I did only wake up at 1:30pm though, definitely not the only day that I've slept that late. Probably should get into a better habit in preparation for the very little sleep I'll get at VidCon.

Day 3 either tonight or tomorrow, depending on how hooked I get on Supernatural.

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